RIPR Voice Wrap — Medical Simulation Program

A voice wrap I produced at Rhode Island Public Radio. I gathered tape and ambient sound in the field, mixed audio using Adobe Audition, and scripted and voiced the wrap.

A group of high school students from across the country came to Providence Thursday to learn more about the healthcare field.

Rhode Island Public Radio’s Rachel Bloom reports they’re getting a hands-on crash course in emergency medicine.


In the medical simulation facility at Rhode Island Hospital, high school students are hard at work performing CPR on simulation dummies, learning how to interact with future patients, and getting a feel for the high-stakes emergencies medical practitioners encounter on a regular basis.

John Callahan manages the center. He says the program can help students decide whether or not to pursue a career in medicine.

Callahan: I actually went to a similar program, and the president of a hospital came and spoke, and that’s when I chose my career in healthcare administration, so, it was – I found it a valuable experience, so I think it’s important that we do these things.

The group is part of the National Youth Leadership Forum’s Careers in Medicine program.